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Know all the available options of MRE for sale

Find in MREZone the technological marvel for the military’s food. Get to know a great variety of 200 mre (exclusive military ration) for troops in war, soldiers in extreme conditions, for disaster relief operations, which require immediate and simple solutions in cases of survival.

MRE Zone is dedicated to commercializing kits or rations of long-lasting packaged food to offer solutions in extreme cases, where there are no safe options to buy or cook food. This company supplies military rations to the United States Army and international rations that can include even a team to cook.

The military rations designed by MREZone can have content between 3200 and 5500 calories according to the requirements of nutritional contribution in each country. Under normal conditions a soldier should consume about 4000 calories a day, due to the high wear and tear of their activities and energy consumption, in combat situations the stress and tension to which they may be subject increases that consumption and it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet in as much as possible.

Buy MRE is very simple through MREZone, check the availability of rations and their specifications and request a quote by simply entering the address All shipments within the United States of America are completely free. Check the costs for international shipments. Know all the available options of MRE for sale and choose the menu that best suits your requirements, if you do not find one; simply personalize the military ration you want exclusively for your troop. Exclusive MREZone military rations are very easy to store, they are light, easy to transport and very complete, with packaged and dehydrated foods that preserve their nutritional value safe for a long time. These menus contain previously cooked foods that favor their conservation and keep their flavor intact. These packaged meals are a true wonder that can contain a quantity of food that you cannot imagine; these grams of food can save your life and that of others.

October 25, 2018